2021, France/Germany/Niger

Aïcha Macky

Zinder, Niger’s second largest city, is the hometown of director Aïcha Macky. She is entering uncharted territory when she decides to shoot in Kara-Kara, the area that was once built for lepers and is still home to social outsiders today. Before, she had only heard of this area in reports about horrible crimes and gangs (called Palais). Macky follows and interviews Siniya Boy, Bawa and Ramsess. Their stories intertwine to become a coherent sociological mosaic that is characterised by unemployment, illegality and the threat from Boko Haram.

Section: Documentary Film Competition
Country: France/Germany/Niger
Director: Aïcha Macky
Language: englisch-Hausa OmenglU
Running time: 82min


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