About IFFI

IFFI shows films from regions and about topics that are underrepresented in global cinema networks. Over its six festival days, IFFI will celebrate film as a global phenomenon in all its facets. In addition to inspiring films of our time, you can watch some film historical treasures in our Retrospective.


Awards and Prizes

Feature Film Award

Six outstanding international feature films will be nominated for the Feature Film Prize, with 5,500 euros sponsored by the Tyrolean Government awarded to the winner. The annually rotating jury consists of three international experts who will select the winning film. The prize money will be handed over directly to the director.

Sponsor: Land Tirol
Prize money: 5.500€
Sponsor: Stadt Innsbruck
Prize money: 3.000€

Documentary Award

Six outstanding international full-length documentaries will be nominated for the Documentary Film Prize, with 3,000 euros sponsored by Innsbruck city authorities awarded to the winner. The annually rotating jury consists of three international experts who will select the winning film. The prize money will be handed over directly to the director.

tirol kliniken Audience Award

Six impressive, entertaining international full-length films will be nominated for the Audience Film Prize, with 2,000 euros awarded to the winner. After the screening, the audience can cast their votes on ballot papers (rating them from 1 to 5) to select the winning film in this category. The prize money will be handed over directly to the director.

Sponsor: tirol kliniken
Prize money: 2.000€
Sponsor: Südwind Tirol
Prize money: 1.500€

Youth Jury Competition

The youth jury is made up of Tyrolean students and apprentices who, under expert guidance, discuss the nominated films and afterwards autonomously hand out the SÜDWIND FILM PRIZE endowed with € 1,500. The developmental NGO Südwind Tirol is a longstanding partner of the festival and donor of this prize.



ENTER THE CONTACT ZONE is a reference to the impactful meeting of international filmmakers who, in the course of the Tashkent Film Festival, realized an alternative concept to the European- and US-dominated cinema landscape. Between 1968 and 1988, ten editions of this international film festival took place in the capital of the then Uzbek Soviet Republic, which exclusively screened cinematic works from African, Asian and (from 1976) Latin American countries. The Tashkent Film Festival was a social space for creative exchange and the promotion of transnational alliances in order to move marginalized cinematographies into a new center.

In this sense, the Tashkent Film Festival served as a driver to strengthen South-South relations and to decenter Western-influenced paradigms, but from today's perspective it must also be considered an instrumentalized tool of Soviet cultural diplomacy and geopolitical-strategic propaganda. The aim of the IFFI #33 retrospective is to take a differentiated look at the mechanisms of the Tashkent film festival and to carefully untangle the web of political, cultural and artistic motives. In doing so, we will also embark on a search for traces of the beginnings of the IFFI, which - like other film festivals since the 1980s - has dedicated itself to the cinematographies of the "three continents". ENTER THE CONTACT ZONE thus also stands for a critical reflection on current festival practice in global film networks and for the opportunity to explore new perspectives together.

The retrospective was curated with Valeryia Kim of the DAVRA Research Collective from Tashkent and supported by the Centre for Eastern European Studies of the University of Innsbruck.

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Worldwide Visions

Worldwide Visions shows selected films on selected topics. In addition to the Competitions and the Retrospective, Worldwide Visions represents the third and freest section of the IFFI structure. While the Retrospective centres on a pre-determined topic and the history of film and the submissions for the Competitions need to fulfil certain criteria, Worldwide Visions presents films that focus on current events or themes that have been created together with other festivals or cultural institutions. From classics to experimental and short films, from work shows to small thematic focuses – they all have their place in Worldwide Visions.

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Movie Archive

You missed a film, want to browse through past IFFI years or rediscover some films? You can find the entire world of IFFI in our detailed IFFI archive. Enjoy browsing!

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