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IFFI shows films from regions and about topics that are underrepresented in global cinema networks. Over its six festival days, IFFI will celebrate film as a global phenomenon in all its facets. In addition to inspiring films of our time, you can watch some film historical treasures in our Retrospective. Selected films can be streamed online after the screening.


Awards and Prizes

Feature Film Award

Six outstanding international feature films will be nominated for the Feature Film Prize, with 5,000 euros sponsored by the Tyrolean Government awarded to the winner. The annually rotating jury consists of three international experts who will select the winning film. The prize money will be handed over directly to the director.

Sponsor: Land Tirol
Prize money: 5.500€
Jury: Prof. Jeanine Meerapfel, Kateryna Gornostai, Meret Ruggle

Feature Film AwardJury

Jeanine Meerapfel

Prof. Jeanine Meerapfel is a filmmaker, screenwriter and producer. She was born in Buenos Aires where she attended a journalism school. She studied at the Ulm School of Design under Alexander Kluge und Edgar Reitz from 1964 to 1968. Her films won several awards at international festivals (e.g., MALOU (1980), IM LAND MEINER ELTERN (1981), AMIGOMÍO (1995) and DER DEUTSCHE FREUND (2012)). Since 1998, Jeanine Meerapfel has been a member of the Academy of Arts in Berlin and has served as its President since 2015.

Kateryna Gornostai

Kateryna Gornostai (b. 1989) is a director, writer and film editor based in Kyiv. She studied at the Marina Razbezhkina and Mikhail Ugarov's School of Documentary Film and Theatre in Moscow. She started making documentaries in 2012, but soon she also turned to fictional material and hybrid formats. She teaches documentary film as a subject under different educational projects.

Meret Ruggle

Meret Ruggle is Head of Swiss film distributor trigon-film where she is responsible for acquiring new releases for distribution and launching them in Switzerland. trigon-film is a Swiss film distributor that has been releasing carefully selected films from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe since 1988. The film foundation also runs its own DVD edition and the video-on-demand platform filmingo.

Sponsor: Stadt Innsbruck
Prize money: 3.000€
Jury: Stefan Haupt, Isabella Reicher, Lukas V. Rinner

Documentary Award

Six outstanding international full-length documentaries will be nominated for the Documentary Film Prize, with 3,000 euros sponsored by Innsbruck city authorities awarded to the winner. The annually rotating jury consists of three international experts who will select the winning film. The prize money will be handed over directly to the director.

Documentary AwardJury

Stefan Haupt

Stefan Haupt (*1961 in Zurich) works as an independent film director, writer and producer. His debut UTOPIA BLUES was honoured 2002 with the Swiss Film Award. ELISABETH KÜBLER-ROSS (2003) is one of the most successful Swiss documentary films. THE CIRCLE (2014) won the Panorama Audience Award and the Teddy Award at the Berlinale, as well as four Swiss Film Awards. For his film ZWINGLI (2019), he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Zurich.

Isabella Reicher

Isabella Reicher studied theatre, film and media sciences in Vienna, Berlin and Amsterdam, has been a film critic since the mid-1990s and now works for the Austrian film distributor sixpack- film. She is a member of the editorial team for kolik film magazine and was recently editor of Eine eigene Geschichte. Frauen Film Österreich seit 1999 (Sonderzahl 2020).

Lukas V. Rinner

Lukas V. Rinner (*1985 Salzburg) is the Founder of the Int. production company Nabis Filmgroup, based in Salzburg and Buenos Aires. His first feature film „PARABELLUM“ quickly becomes a festival hit and only one year later follows his second feature film „THE LOVER“, for which he receives among numerous awards the Grand Diagonale Award - Best Film and the Vienna Film Award. As a producer he produces numerous international art house projects, which are shown at renowned film festivals around the world.

Audience Award

Six impressive, entertaining international full-length films will be nominated for the Audience Film Prize, with 2,000 euros awarded to the winner. After the screening, the audience can cast their votes on ballot papers (rating them from 1 to 5) to select the winning film in this category. The prize money will be handed over directly to the director.

Prize money: 2.000€
Sponsor: Südwind Tirol
Prize money: 1.500€

Youth Jury Competition

The youth jury is made up of Tyrolean students and apprentices who, under expert guidance, discuss the nominated films and afterwards autonomously hand out the SÜDWIND FILM PRIZE endowed with € 1,500. The developmental NGO Südwind Tirol is a longstanding partner of the festival and donor of this prize.



EVERY STAR AND EVERY PLANET IS IN PLACE BUT YOU, PLANET EARTH is derived from Sun Ra’s Afrofuturist Sci-Fi classic SPACE IS THE PLACE (1974) by John Coney. The film is part of this year’s Retrospective, THE MULTIPLE EXPRESSIONS OF AFROFUTURISM curated by Claire Diao for IFFI #31. She presents diverse expressions in her Retrospective that refer to the multi-media interplay between art, film and music and show the extra-terrestrial transformation of Afrofuturism with non-Western positions. One central motif is the injustice that is passed on from generation to generation. The non-linear perception of space and time thereby enhances the formation of new perspectives that strive for a (more) just future and call for agency in present times.

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Worldwide Visions

Worldwide Visions shows selected films on selected topics. In addition to the Competitions and the Retrospective, Worldwide Visions represents the third and freest section of the IFFI structure. While the Retrospective centres on a pre-determined topic and the history of film and the submissions for the Competitions need to fulfil certain criteria, Worldwide Visions presents films that focus on current events or themes that have been created together with other festivals or cultural institutions. From classics to experimental and short films, from work shows to small thematic focuses – they all have their place in Worldwide Visions.

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Movie Archive

You missed a film, want to browse through past IFFI years or rediscover some films? You can find the entire world of IFFI in our detailed IFFI archive. Enjoy browsing!

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