IFFI - International Film Festival Innsbruck takes place from 19. - 24.5.2021

International Film Festival Innsbruck

At IFFI, films from regions and on topics that are underrepresented in global cinema networks will be shown for the 29th time. For six days the IFFI celebrates film as a global phenomenon, in all its facets. In addition to exciting, current films in the competitions, there are also film historical treasures to be seen in the retrospectives.

Excerpt from »Parwareshgah« (»The Orphanage«, 2019)

About IFFI 2020

Due to the developments around COVID-19 the organisation has been always connected with uncertainty. We decided to try anyway, even if the new social rules would make impossible, or only in reduced form, many of the things that I regard as central elements in a festival. This year the festival will feel different. And yet we have organised a festival on site, because the physical experience of the cinema cannot be replaced through the one in a virtual space, because watching films on the big screen is a collective experience. Not least, the 29th IFFI will still be taking place because the chosen motto, i.e. WE [STILL] MUST DISCUSS, WE [STILL] MUST INVENT, has gained extra pertinence in view of COVID-19, to flag up injustices of global networks, as well as to give room to ways out of crises and to glimmers of hope.

Anna Ladinig,Festival Director
Anna Ladinig,
Festival Director