2021, Switzerland/Argentina/Chile/France

Marí Alessandrini

The family of 13-year-old Mora moved to the vast lands of Patagonia from Switzerland to realise their dream of living a self-sufficient life (which is about to fail). Mora wants to become a Gaucho and does not want to follow the rules of society, her parents or her school. She finds a mentor in Nazareno, an older Mapuche. Alessandrini’s feature film debut leaves room for encounters between indigenous people and immigrants amidst the barren landscape; evangelicals engaging in missionary work are also on the scene. Different views of the world and perceptions of life come together at this frontier.

Section: Youth Jury Competition
Country: Switzerland/Argentina/Chile/France
Director: Marí Alessandrini
Language: span.-ita.-engl.-Mapudungun OmU
Running time: 105min