NOUS, ÉTUDIANTS! (WE, STUDENTS!) - (Special Mention Documentary Competition)

2022, DR Congo/Central African Republic/France/Saudi Arabia

Rafiki Fariala

Rafiki Fariala studies at Bangui State University. His film focuses on the structural issues he is confronted with: the precarious living conditions of students; the sexual harassment of female students by professors; the all-pervasive corruption, which Rafiki also addresses in his a cappella songs. But NOUS, ÉTUDIANTS! is also about the director's close friendship with fellow students Aaron, Nestor and Benjamin. Realising this project proved to be extremely difficult. Some lecturers feared that their incompetence would be exposed, and Rafiki was arrested three times.

Section: Documentary Film Competition
Country: DR Congo/Central African Republic/France/Saudi Arabia
Director: Rafiki Fariala
Language: französisch-Sango OmenglU
Running time: 82min