2021, Austria

Çağdaş Yılmaz / Christina Egger

UNTER DEN AUEN is a documentary about a village in the Tyrolean Alps called Neustift. The namesake pastures of the film separate two parts of the town. A housing complex is found next to the pastures. Between 1942 and 1945, a satellite camp for the Dachau concentration camp was located at this very place. Using archive material and telling the stories of locals from different generations, the film tracks the memories of the past. Afterwards, historians Horst Schreiber and Sabine Pitscheider will talk with the filmmakers.

Unter den Auen
Section: Worldwide Visions
Country: Austria
Director: Çağdaş Yılmaz, Christina Egger
Language: deutsche OF
Running time: 45min