2023, USA/United Kingdom/Greece/Austria

Aikaterini Gegisian

THIRD PERSON (PLURAL) is a collage essay film based on a collection of 200 postwar USA informational films and newsreels from the Library of Congress and the American National Archives. Originating as a quest to source documents of the early European integration processes, the project unfolds into an expansive feminist re-reading of the hegemonic imperial masculine gaze. This is a bracing encounter with the gaze that produced the ‘image’ of the world as the new, Western order bound by the notion of a united Europe, the delirium of the Cold War and decolonisation processes.

Section: Worldwide Visions
Country: USA/United Kingdom/Greece/Austria
Director: Aikaterini Gegisian
Language: englisch-griechisch-französisch-deutsche OmenglU
Running time: 65min
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