2019, Azerbaijan/Hungary/Belgium/Portugal

Oktay Namazov

After spending three years in jail as a political prisoner in Azerbaijan, Rashadat is trying to rebuild his life away from it all in Budapest. Through the contrast between the repetitiveness of his daily life and the memories from prison life, the film talks about life in exile. LABIRINT is a delicate and melancholic portrait of an Azerbaijani refugee, a close friend of the director, Oktay Namazov. Together, they explore the sense of belonging that people are able to build in a place far away from home, sharing intimate conversations that echo around the inner courtyard of a historical building in Budapest.

Labyrinth 2
Section: Worldwide Visions
Country: Azerbaijan/Hungary/Belgium/Portugal
Director: Oktay Namazov
Language: aserbaidschanische OmenglU
Running time: 20min