2006, Switzerland

Stefan Haupt

In June 1944, the SS carried out a massacre in Distomo, Greece. Four-year-old Argyris Sfountouris survived; his parents and many of his relatives did not. After living in a Greek orphanage for some time, he was taken in and educated at Pestalozzi Children’s Village, a showcase project in Switzerland. He became a physicist and worked as a teacher, development worker and translator before he dedicated his life to the culture of commemoration in later years. He never managed to make Germany pay compensation to the victims of the massacre. He did, however, receive the ‘German Order of Merit’ in January.

Ein Lied für Argyris
Section: Worldwide Visions
Country: Switzerland
Director: Stefan Haupt
Language: deut.-schwyzerdütsch-griech.-franz OmU
Running time: 105min