2020, Morocco/Kenya

Sofia Alaoui / Jim Chuchu / Kantarama Gahigiri( / CJ Obasi / Baloji

With the advent of Black Panther, spectators all over the world discovered the concept of Afrofuturism. Can Africa project itself into the future? Can it tell its own stories in more experimental, offbeat ways than humanitarian imagery and/or cinema images of hardship and suffering have done for so long? The sixth season of Quartiers Lointains seeks to question this perception that Africa has of itself in a compendium of diverse, vibrant short films made by filmmakers to look out for, from the North to the East of the continent.

Section: Retrospective
Country: Morocco/Kenya
Director: Sofia Alaoui, Jim Chuchu, Kantarama Gahigiri(, CJ Obasi, Baloji
Language: berber-Kiswahili-engl.-Lingala-franz. OmenglU
Running time: 87min