Supporting Program

HAUS DER REGIERUNG Hummer / Quehenberger / Weiser

HAUS DER REGIERUNG (Government House) accompanies Herwig Weiser’s ‘Matrix‘ films with dark, rhythmically intricate and bass-heavy electronic music, held together with dub-infused sound webs: a Faustian evocation. Nik Hummer and Philipp Quehenberger complement Herwig Weiser’s musical project. Nik Hummer has produced artists such as Elektro Guzzi, Koenig and Stephen O’Malley; keyboardist Philipp Quehenberger has been playing for 15 years, in particular with Fuckhead’s Didi Kern, and has had releases with labels such as Cheap or Mego.

Haus der Regierung Matrix-1 10´00´´ 2022