International Film Festival Innsbruck

At IFFI we show films from regions and on topics that are underrepresented in global cinema networks. For six days, IFFI celebrates film as a global phenomenon in all its facets. In addition to new exciting and innovative films in the competitions, we show film-historical treasures in the retrospectives.

Excerpt from »A Thousand Fires«, 2021

About IFFI 2022

EVERY STAR AND EVERY PLANET IS IN PLACE BUT YOU, PLANET EARTH expresses the notion that our world is not where it is supposed to be. It should not be at war, in a climate crisis or a pandemic; neither should it be unjust or unbalanced. Many films from this year’s programme address one or several aspects that create the uncomfortable impression that our world is disconnected. They become either part or the foundation of documentary-like, fictional or experimental formats; with great humour, factual distance, outstanding details or subtle irony.

Anna Ladinig, Festival Director
Anna Ladinig,
Festival Director
Competitions, Prizes, Retrospective and Worldwide Visions

Competitions, Prizes, Retrospective and Worldwide Visions

IFFI #31 travels from the waters in the Amazon and the vast landscapes of Patagonia to infamous parts of Niger and a small village in Kosovo; it goes on a road trip through Iran and steps into the underworld of a Chinese town, as well as many other places.

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Not in Innsbruck? The IFFI stream

Selected films from this year’s programme can be discovered on our IFFI stream, available for ten days from 30 May. Enjoy IFFI with its diverse range of documentaries, fiction and experimental formats in your living room.

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