KINDERGARTEN (1. America Film Festival, 1992)

1989, Argentinien

Jorge Polaco

Arturo’s (Arturo Puig) world is peopled by the living and the dead, as well as other figures who can only derive from his overheated imagination. Meanwhile, he is attempting to revive his flagging marriage to Graciela (Graciela Borges) while coping with the demands of his mistress who persistently applies weird colored dyes to her pubic hair. Throughout the movie, no matter what the scene, the action is interrupted by the mugging of a popcorn salesman (Alejandro Urdapilleta) who appears for no discernible reason. This movie was banned by Argentine authorities for its (relatively brief) nudity and depiction of sexual encounters. – Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide Berlin International Film Festival 1990 Locarno International Film Festival 1990 São Paulo International Film Festival 1990 Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2010

Kindergarten Jorge Polaco
Sektion: Spielfilmwettbewerb
Produktionsland: Argentinien
Regie: Jorge Polaco
Sprachfassung: spanisch OmU
Länge: 90min

Argentinien 1989; Regie: Jorge Polaco; Buch: Daniel González Valtueña, Jorge Polaco, nach einem Roman von Asher Benatar; Kamera: Esteban Courtalon; DarstellerInnen: Graciela Borges (Graciela), Arturo Puig (Arturo / Graciela’s Ehemann), Luisa Vehil (Luisa / Graciela’s Mutter) u.a.; (35mm; 1:1,37; Farbe; 97min).