„Half of it is the static self-operated camera of the video diary of an HIV+ friend of mine in Lesotho and the other a fiction in Paris. Moalusi Thabane is a close friend of mine and this shows in the intimate, powerful images he sends me. Love in Lesotho becomes more of a physical experience while the love in Paris (inspired by the 1960s dialogue of Jean-Luc Godard’s films) turns in circles. As the story unfolds, somehow the two subjects, which could not have been more in contrast, find a common thread.“ (T. Edkins)

Lesotho/France 2005
Regie: Teboho Edkins
28 min, Video, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT
Festival: Abidjan FICA 06 Christian-Berger-Dokumentarfilmpreis, In Anwesenheit von Teboho Edkins

2006, Archive, Christian-Berger-Dokumentarfilmpreis, Documentary, Documentary Film Competition

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