Jaber and Sana live in a camp near Ramallah. Much to everyone’s pleasure, Jaber sets up a travelling cinema in the occupied territories. Sana works at the Red Crescent. The mounting tension in the territories increasingly prevents Jaber from passing through but then he gets talked into organising a screening for a school in Old Jerusalem. Rashid Mashawari defines Ticket to Jerusalem as a fictional documentary. Or the other way round. This definition fits his film perfectly for most characters play themselves, only Jaber and Sana are played by professionals. The resulting verism takes on its full meaning in the light of the situation and the conditions under which such a film is shot because it has to make do with the surrounding reality: for instance, a scene may be cancelled at any time or a road block barring access affects both the film characters and the crew. This film gives us privileged insight into everyday life in occupied Palestine and into the stoic and creative attitude of its inhabitants. It is a work of fiction which turns into a documentary because of external circumstances.

Palestine 2002
Regie: Rashid Masharawi
85 min, 35mm, Farbe, arabische OmU
International Film Festival Amiens 2002; Fribourg 2003

2003, Archive

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