Zhang Yuan


Ju is on the verge of marrying Yi’s best friend when she meets Yi. She comes across him again after her fiancé’s stupid death. They fall in love and quickly marry. Their love is to be confronted with the daily life of an ordinary couple, between the possessive wife and the husband who yearns for freedom. Life will become unbearable and lead them to divorce. Zhang Yuang is often called the leader of the «sixth generation» in paving the way for the «independent» Chinese cinema; he produces his films outside the official studios, defying censures and whatever is forbidden. His entire work takes a close look at a mutating Chinese society. His camera is sharp – and not without a certain dose of cynicism – filming unconditionally the behaviour of a young generation without landmarks. Wo Ai Ni is a character study in a confined space almost void of settings that gives the story a universal dimension. The tragedy of Ju and Yi, who are simultaneously overflowing with passion and yet suffocating in their life together, could be that of any couple anywhere in the world. read more