Yusuf Yesilöz


Three couples who migrated to Switzerland decades ago have to answer a question that followed them all their lives: go back home or stay? Now as they are retired the answer matters not only to them but to their childrens‘ fami- lies as well. Who will take care of the old folks here or there? When they arrived as guest-workers from Turkey and Yugoslavia back in the day, their hope of going home af- ter making some money kept them from learning German. Now they regret not to have opened up more towards the Swiss culture. At the same time they realise to have lost track of their „own“ cultures as well. Switzerland 2012 Regie: Yusuf Yesilöz 52 min, DCP, OmU


Cemal Miran, a student, joins the Kurdish Democratic Movement in Turkey. After the military coup in 1980, he is arrested and brutally tortured. He fights against the persecution in prison with a 40-day hunger strike, falling into a coma as a result. Upon awakening from the coma, Cemal finds that he is handicapped. Switzerland 2003 Regie: Yusuf Yesilöz 52 min, Video (16:9), Farbe, türk.-dt.-kurd. OF mit dt. UT


Three musicians whose life stories couldn’t differ more: two women and one man connected through far more than their passion for music. All three broke off successful careers in their home countries in order to make a new life in Switzerland. Pianist Tamriko Kordzaia from Georgia gives concerts besides teaching at a music school, composer and singer Samir Essahbi from Morocco performs regularly with his band and singer Ülkü Fazilet Bozkurt from Turkey is starting to perform publicly again. An insightful approach to passionate musicians and their new beginnings as immigrants. Switzerland 2008 Regie: Yusuf Yeilöz 53 min, Beta SP, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT Ein Reck Film. Filmtage Solothurn 2008


Portrait about the successful integration of Güli Dogan, who moved to Switzerland from Turkey at the age of nine. The film documents Güli Dogan, now 35, at work in the Winterthur registry office, during her everyday life with her daughters and husband, with her Swiss girlfriends and on visits to older, very traditionbound fellow countryfolk. Switzerland 2006, Regie: Yusuf Yesilöz, 54 min, Video, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT Festivals: Solothurn 06, Fribourg 06; In Anwesenheit von Yusuf Yesilöz; In Kooperation mit Renner Institut