Lazar Ristovski (Jugoslawien/Großbritanien 1999)


A career woman with Yugoslavian roots and a sophisticated musician, whose father was stationed in the Balkans during World War II, meet in Yugoslavia. She feels like a stranger and feels damned to be homeless, and he finds it hard to deal with his father’s Nazi past. They pretend to be in love in front of their parents and go on a journey through Montenegro: a touching love story. DIE VERLIEBTEN shows damaged identities and broken existences, but on top of all it opens a look at a landscape of aspiration that very soon got torn to catastrophe by fanaticism and profiteering. Germany/Yugoslavia 1987 Regie: Jeanine Meerapfel 95 min, 35mm, OmeU

Illusive Summer ’68 – Varljivo Leto 68

Set against the backdrop of liberalization in Marshal Tito’s Yugoslavia in 1968, this comedy is about the coming of age of Petar as he looks for love just about anywhere, now that he has discovered it exists. His father is a distant sort who wants him to focus on his grades so he will have a chance of a good future (and be a good Marxist). Meanwhile, Petar has a crush on his beautiful teacher and wreaks havoc with his academic standing by trying to get back at her for bathing in the river with her male companion. This affront to his feelings is soon forgotten when he meets a charming young woman… JUG 1984 Regie: Goran Paskaljević 88 min, Colour, 35mm, Original with English subtitles

Someone Else’s America – Tudja America

The story revolves around Alonso, a Spaniard and owner of the “Paradiso” , a run-down bar where he lives with his blind mother and his friend Bayo. The best of friends, Alonso and Bayo are united in believing that they will succeed in the ‘Land of Opportunity’, despite much evidence to the contrary. Bayo’s family then follows him to New York, but his beloved youngest son is drowned during the dangerous journey. Unable to cope with his grief, Bayo blames his eldest son Luka for the tragedy. Luka, however, turns out to be the salvation, transforming “Paradiso” into a trendy ethnic restaurant. JUG, GB, F, D, GR 1995 Regie: Goran Paskaljević 95 min, Colour, 35mm, Original with English subtitles Cannes IFF 1995: Audience Award, Quinzaine des Réalisateurs

Special Treatment – Poseban Tretman

Providing a larger social and political commentary, this occasionally hilarious but consistently funny comedy looks at a closet alcoholic, Dr. Ilich, who treats alcoholism in others with an iron hand and a zany therapeutical approach. With Wagner’s music, a diet in which apples figure prominently, and exercises that look like a chicken trying to take off and fly, the doctor is convinced his patients will be cured. What really ails most of them is what caused their alcohol problem in the first place, so when the eccentric doctor takes six of his patients to a nearby brewery to demonstrate the success of his treatment, chaos results. JUG 1980 Regie: Goran Paskaljević 94 min, Colour, DCP, Original with English subtitles