Yeşim Ustaoğlu

Araf – Somewhere in Between

Pretty Zehra and handsome Olgun spend most of their young livesworking in a service station cafeteria near a lonely highway. Everythingseems transient about their surroundings. Most of the area‘soccupants have all escaped to the big city in search of opportunity.But Zehra, Olgun and their friends still remain, caught somewherein between the past and an uncertain future. Zehra dreams that lovewill take her away from her meaningless job and life at home withher strict old-fashioned mother. She becomes fascinated by an oldertruck driver, Mahur, who spends much of his time on the road. AsZehra‘s desire for Mahur turns into a tragic first love, her rebelliousfriend Olgun becomes more and more frustrated. Zehra and Olgunwill experience a hard time. But as they say goodbye to their childhoodinnocence, love and hope will help them to move forward. TR/FR/DE 2012 Regie: Yesim Ustaoglu 124 min, DCP, Colour, OmdU

Journey to the Sun

Category: IFFI 2014, In Focus: Yeşim Ustaoğlu Two young men from opposite regions of Turkey meet by chance inIstanbul and become friends. Both hope for a better future and trytheir luck in the big city. Berzan comes from a Kurdish village in thefar east and every morning walks arounf the city with his cart full ofmusic cassettes. Mehmet has only recently arrived from westernTurkey and finds a job at the waterworks. Mehmet has never thatBerzan is Kurdish. What matters to him are the dreams of the two,the joy of being together, the closeness that feels good. Berzan longsfor his home village, where he believes that his fiancée is waiting forhim, while Mehmet has fallen in love in Istanbul with the sensitiveArzu. She had grown up in Germany. Meanwhile, Arzu has returnedto her old home and experiences how quickly one can be suspectedof belonging to the political opposition here. Türkei / Deutschland / Niederlande 1999 Regie: Yeşim Ustaoğlu 110 min, 35mm, Colour, OmdU

Life on their Shoulders

Life on theirs Shoulders is the story of Ayhse, Fatma, Havva, Hatice. A short part of their lives. The story of their climb to the plateaus thousands of meters high, under endless rains and in flood, crushed under the heavy load on their backs. Maybe this in fact is the story of how the women there have silently been carrying their lives on their shoulders for centruries. Türkei 2014 Regie: Yeşim Ustaoğlu 39 min, DCP, Colour, OmdU

Pandora’s Box

When three forty-something-year-old siblings in Istanbul receivea call one night that their ageing mother has disappeared fromher home on the Western Black Sea Coast of Turkey, the three setout to find her, momentarily setting aside their problems. As thesiblings come together, the tensions between them quickly becomeapparent, like Pandora‘s box spilling open. They come to realize thatthey know very little about each other. And even more so, they areforced to reflect on their own shortcomings. And it is her grandsonwho finally decides to come closer to the old woman and acceptsher the way she is. TR/FR/BE/DE 2008 Regie: Yeşim Ustaoğlu 114 min, 35 mm, Colour, OmdU

Waiting for the Clouds

In 1975, the sixty-year-old Ayshe lives in a Turkish fishing village west of Trabzon, where she has been becoming increasingly lonely since the death of her older sister. The neighbor boy Mehmet, to which she has developed a grandmotherly relationship, cares about her. Nobody knows about Ayshe‘s secret: Before her adoption 50 years ago, she was the daughter of orthodox Pontic Greeks who lived in Turkey. Her baptismal name was Eleni. Fifty years after the separation from her brother, she is now willing to explore her roots and find her lost brother in Greece. FR/DE/GR/TR 2004 Regie: Yeşim Ustaoğlu 94 min, 35mm, Colour, OmdU