Yerlan Nurmukhambetov


A hymn to the lives of ordinary people in which comedic and dramatic themes interweave until the final scenes. A story about a young married couple from the wondrous and extremely picturesque region of southern Kazakhstan. Against the backdrop of villagers going about their daily business, great love is born. The two young people, respecting the history and culture of their families and ancestors, decide to get married according to the local, centuries-old tradition. For this, it is necessary to steal the future bride… Eastern cinema with a great sense of humour. Regie: Yerlan Nurmukhambetov Kasachstan 2015 82min, OF­eUT Filmpate: IFFI Förderverein

The First Rains of Spring

In the mountains of Tien Shan, hidden far away from any civilzation,lives in a small house a family of shepherds: Kuanysh, the fatherand head of the family, his wife Danagul, his oldest son Ashkatand his two sisters Aigul and Alisher. For over 10 years, shamanDergeley has lived with the family and one day she gathers thefamily around her to make her final announcement. A tale of rebirthand togetherness, framed by the nature of Kazakhstan. KZ/JP 2013 Regie: Yerlan Nurmukhambetov 80 min, Colour, DCP, OmeU Festival Des Neuen Heimatsfilms Freistadt 2013