Xiaolu Guo


In twelve chapters, the film portrays the social and political landscape of post-Marxist China. People with different backgrounds are presented in their everyday lives: an old peasant who has lost his land, a millionaire talking to his stock broker on the phone, young kids hoping to become famous stars, etc. In a poetic way, the director shows how a country looking for a new identity often gets caught up by its past. China 2009 Regie: Guo Xiaolu 76 min, digiBeta, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT


Kwok Yun is an agricultural worker in China, single and not too happy with her life. One day she suffers a circulatory collapse which enters the village’s chronicle as a UFO sighting. The communist mayor of the village appears ready for the new times as she designs a UFO-sighting-monument and builds hotels. Tourism’s/Capitalism’s marching in is triggered in the region. An absurd sociocritical satire about today’s China, and by the way: Udo Kier has an appearance as American.   Germany/China 2011 Regie: Xiaolu Guo 110 min, 35mm, OmeU