Vlado Škafar


A mother takes her self-destructive daughter to a deserted village in a foreign country and locks her in a house in the middle of nowhere. She takes her away from everything in order to bring her back to life. What begins as a mother’s desperate attempt to save her child turns into an increasingly miraculous spiritual adventure, restoring the deep feelings of life within her. Regie: Vlado Škafar Slowenien/Italien 2016 90min, OF­eUT

A Girl and the Tree

… whatever happened to that girl who wanted a bicycle a red one with three wheels; wanted Saint-Nicholas to bring her warm gloves the same as Polonica has: grey with a white ribbon and bells? Film poem for two souls. Meditation maybe. Pathway to silence. „I thought we were making a film about passing. Now I see we made a film of what remains.“ – Vlado Škafar SI 2012 Regie: Vlado Škafar 83 min, Colour, DCP, OmeU


After some time a father spends a whole day together with his son who is living with his ex-wife. The distance between them has been growing during the separation. While they spend the day together fishing in the forest they talk about all sorts of things. The father is surprised and fascinated by the deep answers of his son. He is proud of his clever boy who seems to have managed the divorce quite well. Nevertheless, he is worried. He might lose his job and therefore the future of his son wouldn’t be financially secure any more.   Slovenia 2010 Regie: Vlado Škafar 71min, 35mm, Color, OmeU


LETTER TO A CHILD looks simple, but it’s about all major issues such as happiness, love and death. Vlado kafar interviewed ordinary people. It’s a mistake to think that ordinary people say ordinary things. About happiness, for instance. About love. Or about death. Issues about which few people speak easily, but the people in this film do. Occasionally it looks as if he is only focusing on the sunlight falling on their face, and his question seems to be a sideline without any importance. His partners in conversation remain amazingly calm and peaceful, even when they say the strangest things. As if the director really isn’t listening. As if they are standing dreaming in front of the camera. Slovenia 2008 Regie: Vlado Škafar 100 min, Video, Farbe, OF mit engl./dt. UT