In this film the swimming pool is a place of humble charm. A summer day breaks on the coast and swimming instructor Esteban, an introverted ex-professional swimmer, waits for his four young pupils to arrive. They have one thing in common: their disabilities make them all outsiders. One-legged Diana is flirty and possessive; Dany is overweight and has Down syndrome; weak-willed Rodrigo has a walking disability; and permanently grumpy Oscar flatly refuses to speak.

Cuba/Venezuela 2012
Regie: Carlos Machado Quintela
66 min, DCP, OmU
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Pelo Malo – Bad Hair

The stars of this Venezuelan film are a mother and her son, both strong and weak at the same time. Marta has recently lost her job at a security firm, while curly-haired Junior battles to straighten his wild hair for a school photo. His mother’s greatest worry is that he will end up like his father, a dead gangster. At least she has that in common with her mother-in-law. But Junior has other plans. BAD HAIR was the winner of the Golden Shell at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.   read more


In the hills of the Venezuelan Andes, Tomas Alonzo, a widowed farmer, and his son Santiago live silently side by side and dream of seeing the faraway ocean. Outside their world, they suffer from the cruelty of their neighbours and Don Homero, the landowner for whom Tomas works, until an act of desperate violence separates them both. The courageous intervention of Sebastian, a foreign drifting photographer, will enable them to reunite once again in their dreams.
The film explores the rough life of the inhabitants of the Andes, along with their customs and rituals. It demonstrates how violence springs up from difficult living conditions and exploitation. Tomas may be a simple man who is attached to his land and to the small events he shares with his son, but he is proud as well, though fate forbids him to choose between crime and cowardice. Pride, courage, silnce and solitude are the themes of this film. Faces say more than words and gestures are rare, as if to express the essence of feelings. Beyond the tragedy, dreams of a mythical ocean and photography that captures and preserves the images of loved ones give this film a poetic dimension, enhanced by subtle and touching directing skills. read more