Internationale Filmemacher und Medienkünstler thematisieren in dokumentarischen
und fiktiven Arbeiten die Lebensverhältnisse von Migranten heute. Ein Programm mit
überraschenden Einsichten über Identität, Kulturtransfer und was aus Träumen werden
kann. Hier kommen vor allem die Flüchtlinge selbst zu Wort.


Regie: Marjoleine Boonstra
Frankreich/Niederlande 2003
35min, OF­eUT


Das kontroverse Flüchtlingszentrum in Sangatte, einer nordfranzösischen Stadt
in der Nähe des Eingangs zum Eurotunnel, wurde im Dezember 2002 geschlossen.
In „Britanya” sprechen die Flüchtlinge über ihre Situation. read more


The black & white A festa de Margarette is a bitter comedy that is reminiscent of the silent film from the 1920s in every respect. The talented débutante Falcao tells the story, that is situated in the present, without dialogue and even without intertitles. Using situations, pantomime, lively Brazilian instrumental music and the occasional slapstick, he gives a modern interpretation of the classic genre. The underexposed, messy shots are fluently cut. The clownesque Higue Gomez turns his leading role as Pedro into a contemporary Charlie Chaplin. Pedro lives with his wife Margarette, children, a grandmother and countless other relatives in a remote house in the south of Brazil. He dreams of giving a large birthday party for Margarette, but he is only just about able to make ends meet and has also run up a tab at the bar. When Pedro is sacked from the car factory, his dream falls apart. But his redundancy payment comprises a suitcase and a bag of money. Despite all the financial excesses that Pedro overindulges in, the bottom of the suitcase never comes into sight. Nevertheless he is confronted painfully with harsh reality. Violence, murder and corruption make Pedro’s new life a nightmare. read more


Seit Naomi mit ansehen musste, wie ihr Vater von der Gestapo verhaftet wurde, spricht sie nicht mehr. Auch nicht im sicheren Brooklyn des Jahres 1944, wohin sie mit ihrer Mutter flüchten konnte. Alan kümmert sich zuerst nur deshalb um sie, weil sein Vater das möchte. Aber dann werden die beiden unzertrennliche Freunde. Ein einfühlsam inszenierter Film über Freundschaft, und was sie bewirken kann.

USA 1991
Regie: Sterling VanWagenen
95min, 35mm, dt. synchron. Fassung


AMAZONIA is a documentary in three parts, which initially describes the original life of Indian natives in the Amazon region. The second part relates to rubber tappers using the resources of the region since the nineteenth century. Finally the life of the settlers who came with hope for a better life from the poorest areas of Brazil is shown. Chico Mendes, who was afterwards killed, fights with them against injustice and corruption of the trusts for the preservation of the rainforest.

USA 1991
Regie: Glenn Switkes, Rosaines „Monti“ Aguirre
70min, 35mm, Farbe, OmU
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Episodic look at the life of Cuban poet and novelist, Reinaldo Arenas (1943-1990), from his childhood in the Oriente province to his death in New York City. His writing and homosexuality got him into trouble: he spent two years in prison, writing letters for other inmates and smuggling out a novel.

USA 2000
Regie: Julian Schnabel
134 min, 35 mm, Farbe, span. synchr. Fassung mit dt. UT


USA 1995
Regie: Robert M. Young


The American newspaper mogul Charles Foster Kane dies in 1941 in his monstrous castle Xanadu. As a snow globe falls from his hand to the floor and breaks into pieces, his last word is “rosebud“. What did he mean by this? Thompson, a newsreel journalist, tries to find out the meaning of rosebud, hoping to discover something special about the editor’s death. Orson Welles set new standards with this film, whose construction as well as camera work and lighting are revolutionary.


USA 1941
Regie: Orson Welles
119 min, 35mm, schwarzweiß, OF mit dt. UT
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A small train station in the middle of the West. Three men in long coats appear, get into position, and wait. Wait for someone who is supposed to arrive with the next train. The train comes and as it leaves again, we hear the sound of a harmonica. One single man faces the three, who lie on the floor dead after a short fight. “Harmonica”, on the other hand, hits the road with his opponents’ horses; he is looking for Frank…

Italy/USA 1968
Regie: Sergio Leone
165 min, 35mm, Farbe, ital. OF
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Der stille Berg

Italien erklärt Österreich den Krieg und der erste Weltkrieg überrollt Tirol. Ausgerechnet einen Tag bevor Andreas in den Krieg ziehen muss, kommt es zu seiner ersten Annäherung das das andere Geschlecht. Der Krieg in den Bergen verwandelt die Dolomiten in einen der bizarrsten Kriegsschauplätze in der Geschichte der Menschheit und die junge Liebe von Andreas und seiner Francesca steht unter keinem guten Stern.

A/IT/USA 2014
Regie: Ernst Gossner
98 min, DCP, Farbe, OmdUT
Doppelprogramm mit Global Warning
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In 1984, a filmmaker – a woman steeped in the documentary traditions of the Left – sets out to dismantle the sinister symmetry of the Cold War and show the world the road to salvation through the miracle of the Polish Solidarity movement. When denied visas to shoot in Poland proper, she constructs a film in New York City.

USA 1984
Regie: Jill Godmilow
110 min, 16mm, Farbe, OF

Global Warning

Every year new relics from the First World War are brought to the surface due to the melting of North-Italy’s glaciers. Among them, not only live ammunition and fire weapons, but also the bodies of fallen soldiers, which were preserved in the ice. Ernst Gossner ’ s documentary GLOABAL WARNING detects connections between global warming and the economic motivations of warfare. Since the military conflicts of WW1 global disputes seem to increase, as is the global temperature.
Ernst Gossner  (*1967 in Brixlegg/Tirol) is an award-winning director. In 2008 his film SOUTH OF PICO won the IFFI’s Public Award. His documentary GLOBAL WARNING and his feature film THE SILENT MOUNTAIN address the topic of war and questions why wars are such a persistent part of the cultural history of mankind while always following the same patterns.
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Immigrants from Eastern Europe have been roughing up New York’s art and music scene for a long time and the gypsy-punk band Gogol Bordello is one of the top initiators. The band unites Sinti and Roma musicians aged 25 to 50 coming from five different countries. Director Margarita Jimeno accompanied the group from 2001 to 2006 – a time in which Gogol Bordello turned from underground phenomenon to a world famous cult band. A Balkan story of a different kind.


USA 2008
Regie: Margarita Jimeno
90 min, digiBeta, Farbe, engl. OF
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