Ein Tag in der Millionenstadt Istanbul. Cemo, ein zehnjähriger Papiertaschentuchverkäufer, Hayat, eine tyrannisierte Ehefrau, und Ebru, eine transsexuelle Prostituierte – sie alle versuchen, den Traum der großen Liebe in die Tat umzusetzen. Eine schnörkellose Geschichte über Sehnsucht, Liebe, Schicksal, Ungerechtigkeit und Gewalt.

Filmpate: Länderzentren der Universität Innsbruck

Regie: Esen Isik
Schweiz 2015
98min, OF­dUT


Sulukule ist ein historischer Stadtteil Istanbuls und gleichzeitig die älteste Roma-Siedlung der Welt. Bis zu den 1990ern lebten die Roma dort von ihrer Musik und dem Tanz. Sulukule beherbergte fast 40 Veranstaltungsräume, die bei den Türken und bei Touristen beliebt waren, bis die Clubs geschlossen wurden. 2005 beschloss die Stadtverwaltung, das Viertel zu sanieren, was nichts anderes heißt, als mit Gewalt ein neues nobles Villenviertel zu errichten, und die Roma, die es sich nicht mehr leisten können dort zu wohnen, werden hinausgeworfen… read more

Araf – Somewhere in Between

Pretty Zehra and handsome Olgun spend most of their young livesworking in a service station cafeteria near a lonely highway. Everythingseems transient about their surroundings. Most of the area‘soccupants have all escaped to the big city in search of opportunity.But Zehra, Olgun and their friends still remain, caught somewherein between the past and an uncertain future. Zehra dreams that lovewill take her away from her meaningless job and life at home withher strict old-fashioned mother. She becomes fascinated by an oldertruck driver, Mahur, who spends much of his time on the road. AsZehra‘s desire for Mahur turns into a tragic first love, her rebelliousfriend Olgun becomes more and more frustrated. Zehra and Olgunwill experience a hard time. But as they say goodbye to their childhoodinnocence, love and hope will help them to move forward. read more


Sinan and Mahmut meet at the therapy sessions of a fatal disease institution. Sinan, an architect, holds himself responsible for the death of his son in a motorcycle accident.

Turkey 2003
Regie: Ömer Kavur
123 min, 35 mm, Farbe, türk. OF mit engl. UT


By the time a woman discovers a picture of a person she has seen in her dreams over and over again she leaves everything which was important to her for twenty years within two days. She disappears without a trace in company of the man on the photograph. He is a clockmaker who knows secrets of the hidden magic of time and the meaning of life. The young photographer who took the pictures begins to search for the mysterious woman himself.

Türkey 1991
Regie: Ömer Kavur
114min, 35mm, Farbe, OmU
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Journey to the Sun

Category: IFFI 2014, In Focus: Yeşim Ustaoğlu
Two young men from opposite regions of Turkey meet by chance inIstanbul and become friends. Both hope for a better future and trytheir luck in the big city. Berzan comes from a Kurdish village in thefar east and every morning walks arounf the city with his cart full ofmusic cassettes. Mehmet has only recently arrived from westernTurkey and finds a job at the waterworks. Mehmet has never thatBerzan is Kurdish. What matters to him are the dreams of the two,the joy of being together, the closeness that feels good. Berzan longsfor his home village, where he believes that his fiancée is waiting forhim, while Mehmet has fallen in love in Istanbul with the sensitiveArzu. She had grown up in Germany. Meanwhile, Arzu has returnedto her old home and experiences how quickly one can be suspectedof belonging to the political opposition here. read more

Life on their Shoulders

Life on theirs Shoulders is the story of Ayhse, Fatma, Havva, Hatice. A short part of their lives. The story of their climb to the plateaus thousands of meters high, under endless rains and in flood, crushed under the heavy load on their backs. Maybe this in fact is the story of how the women there have silently been carrying their lives on their shoulders for centruries.

Türkei 2014
Regie: Yeşim Ustaoğlu
39 min, DCP, Colour, OmdU


Yusuf kommt nach 20 Jahren aus dem Gefängnis und weiß nicht wohin. Er lernt die Sängerin Ugur kennen, die mit ihrer kleinen Tochter Celim und Bekir in einem billigen Hotel lebt. Nachdem sich Bekir aus Eifersucht umbringt, übernimmt Yusuf dessen Rolle. Doch eines Tages verschwindet Ugur und läßt ihre kleine Tochter bei Yusuf zurück.

Türkei 1997
Regie: Zeki Demirkubuz
110 min, 35mm, Farbe, OmU


In a remote village in east Anatolia a 17-year-old unconscious girl is found. She has lost her virginity and her family locks her up in a cabin. Her stepmother throws a rope at her and says: „You know what you have to to.“ They confide her to her cousin Cemal, an ex-soldier, and put them in a train to Istanbul. The girl is not supposed to ever arrive there. But things take a different turn.

Turkey/Greece 2007
Regie: Abdullah Oguz
126 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
Kerala Film Festival 2007, In Kooperation mit InterKulturTage
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Pandora’s Box

When three forty-something-year-old siblings in Istanbul receivea call one night that their ageing mother has disappeared fromher home on the Western Black Sea Coast of Turkey, the three setout to find her, momentarily setting aside their problems. As thesiblings come together, the tensions between them quickly becomeapparent, like Pandora‘s box spilling open. They come to realize thatthey know very little about each other. And even more so, they areforced to reflect on their own shortcomings. And it is her grandsonwho finally decides to come closer to the old woman and acceptsher the way she is. read more

Powder Keg – Bure Baruta

Book-ended by a cabaret-style master of ceremonies, the film is a stark illustration of the hell-hole that Yugoslavia has become as it follows assorted characters (some of whose paths eventually cross) during a freezing winter’s night in Belgrade. A young man who accidentally crashes into another car is assaulted at home by thugs; a policeman, whose body has been badly broken, faces the man who beat him up; a desperate bruiser murders his best friend with a bottle before killing himself and a troubled girl with a grenade and, as with most other scenes, there is a lot of pointless, uncontrolled violence. read more

Remake, Remix, Rip-off

A Turkish Tarzan, Rambo or Dracula? Istanbul’s Yeşilçam cinema style had it all. Magnificent and successful B-movies that shamelessly and illegally copied and reinvented western blockbusters. Outlandish plots, overacting, and dangerous stunts. A world of excess. Utilising many film excerpts, Cem Kaya takes us on a nostalgic journey through the golden era of Turkish trash cinema.

TRK/D 2014
Regie: Cem Kaya
96 min, Colour, DCP, Original with German subtitles


Recent high school graduate Yusuf is uncertain about his future in the provincial countryside. Writing poetry is his greatest passion and some of his poems are even starting to be published in literary journals. But for the time being, he continues working in his single mother’s village milk business, also with an uncertain future. When the first supermarkets open there, the family loses its means of existence. In his film director Semih Kaplanoglu picks the issue of Turkey’s path towards Europe by depicting a woman and her son in an Anatolic small town. read more

Waiting for the Clouds

In 1975, the sixty-year-old Ayshe lives in a Turkish fishing village west of Trabzon, where she has been becoming increasingly lonely since the death of her older sister. The neighbor boy Mehmet, to which she has developed a grandmotherly relationship, cares about her. Nobody knows about Ayshe‘s secret: Before her adoption 50 years ago, she was the daughter of orthodox Pontic Greeks who lived in Turkey. Her baptismal name was Eleni. Fifty years after the separation from her brother, she is now willing to explore her roots and find her lost brother in Greece. read more


Mister Muharrem is a civil servant who once wanted to be a writer, but has abandoned that and most of his other ambitions. He spends his days smoking, observing and above all celebrating his loneliness. An evening with his old fellow writers gives him the oportunity to break with the world. Zeki Demirkubuz transfers Dostoyevsky´s Notes from Underground to modern day Ankara and creates a character and a visual language of incredible depth.

Turkey 2012
Regie: Zeki Demirkubuz
107 min, DCP, Farbe, OmeU
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