Turaniyoz Kalimbetov


An old horse healer comes to the side of a very ill white horse. He dreams of giving him back his freedom, but also imagines that the horse’s last breath may be for the morrow. The healer prays Allah, feeds the horse during the night, and the beautiful stallion gradually comes back to life. Soon he will be able to gallop with the other wild horses of the herd. The story is a fable reminding us how much the horse is vital in Ouzbekistan. Uzbekistan 2001 Regie: Turaniyoz Kalimbetov 20 min, 35mm, Farbe, ohne Dialog


Turaniyoz Kalimbetov, the Uzbek director who came to IFFI 2003, made a short film about a well – with a video camera presented to him by the guests of last year’s Innsbruck Film Festival. Uzbekistan 2003 Regie: Turaniyoz Kalimbetov 24 min, Video, Farbe, OF