Tina Leisch

Only the Dead Return Home

Over one million Kurds live as political refugees in exile in Europe and many of them can never return to Turkey as they would be imprisoned immediately. But Kurdish freedom fighters are also prosecuted as terrorists in various EU countries. This film portrays these Kurds and shows places to where they can never return. It displays a movement of liberation, inspired by democratic, multi-ethnical and feminist ideals, and the fight for the Kurdish language and culture

A/IRQ 2015
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Roque Dalton, let’s shoot the night!

The film explores the social impact of literature and poetry. Roque Dalton (1935–1975) is the most important poet of El Salvador. His life is an adventure story, his poetry an exciting shower of sparks in the realm between political utopia and sensuality, between revolutionary beliefs and lust for heresy and will serve as a magnifying glass which enables us to observe contemporary political conflicts with exceptional clarity.

AT/CU/SV 2013
Regie: Tina Leisch
85 min, Colour, DCP, OmdU
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