Sri Lanka


In 1664, a Maharajah is threatened both by the Dutch and the rebels. An exorcist takes advantage the political chaos to impose his power on the village population. The only free spirit of the village, a young woman, resists him. When the wheel turns, when the king returns to power again, he seeks refuge with her. Communication occurs in one’s mind. If the brain wants to put a question to us about what is the heart of the communication, answer can be magical. Magic does not reject realism like dream. Then what is the antirealism of Dream? For understanding Magic realism, let’s not probe it! That is what Agnidahaya is. A film full of surprises and a visual treat of the surrealistic humour- if you stop «looking» at something, then what is surrealism and realism! I have seen a «different» cinematic language in Agnidahaya – explaining humour in a supernatural way. Only Cinema can do it. Jayantha Chandrasiri has done it with immense control. This cinematic craft is remarkable for a first film. Sri Lanka 2002 Regie: Jayantha Chandrasiri 119 min, 35mm,1:1,66, Farbe, Optical-Mono, Sinhala OmenglU Fribourg 2003

ANI TATUWEN PIYABANNA (Flying with one wing)

Manju is a boyish car mechanic who plays the macho role indicative of his profession with ease. He returns home after work to the friendly, family-oriented neighborhood where he lives with his young wife, Kusum. Seemingly happily married, Manju maintains a deep secret by concealing from his wife his original female biology. Sri Lanka 2002 Regie: Asoka Handagama 81 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT In Kooperation mit HOSI


Amudha grew up in Tamil Nadu in India. She feels at ease and protected in her family. When she is nine years old she suddenly learns that she is an adopted child. She would prefer not to know anything about it, but is now determined to find out about her biological parents who, as members of the Tamil Tigers, disappeared during the turmoil of civil war in Sri Lanka. At first, Amudha’s adoptive parents try to dissuade her, but finally they agree to accompany her on this painful journey… Mani Ratnam is one of the few Indian film directors who have tried to enhance commercial musical cinema with politically and socially controversial topics. Whereas in previous films he portrayed the striving for independence in North India and especially the conflict between the Hindu and Muslim populations, in this film he devotes himself to his South Indian homeland. Two of his trademarks, i.e. to maximise the emotional intensity as well as the constant effort to achieve perfect photography form the background of the bloody struggle between the Tamil and Singhalese culture in Sri Lanka. India/LK 2002 Regie: Mani Ratnam 136 min, 35mm, Farbe, Tamile-Sinhala OmU 22nd Cinema Express Ceremony für die besten südindischen Filme: 6 Awards.


Sri Lankan, and a pickpocket by trade, Kamal is constantly told off by his wife, who would like to see him do something else, especially since there is soon to be an addition to the family. Although he es always trying, Kamal cannot manage to find a proper job. His wife, who has had no contact with her family since their marriage and migration to town, wants to return to her parents for the birth. But their existence is shaken to its foundations when Kamal finds a photo of his wife in the wallet he has just stolen. He does not mention this fateful discovery, but starts observing her every deed and gesture, perpetually seeking conclusive proof of her infidelity. At the same time, driven by an almost pathological jealousy, he throws himself into a hunt for the owner of the wallet. What he discovers only sets the stage for a veritable tragedy. Linton Semage, writer, director and lead actor, explores the inmost depths of the human soul and portrays a social group battered by the vicissitudes of the free market economy – the poor, young country people who are attracted to urban centres by overseas investment in the garment industry. Sri Lanka 2002 Regie: Linton Semage 85 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT Locarno 2002; Film Festival Singapore 2002


Rathie is a young girl from a remote village, working in a suburban garment factory. She befriends a young soldier and falls in love. They start enjoying their mutual youthful warmth quite freely. And one fine day, Rathie realizes she is pregnant. Grappling with this unexpected new realization, she gets carried away into a world of her own. A simple and beautiful dream world that any young woman would want to build for herself, complete with marriage and family life. While she immerses herself quite happily in this elusive world, she gets to know the harsh and crude realities of the world that is around her. Sri Lanka 2002 Regie: Inoka 125 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT Film Festival Tokyo 2002; Festival des 3 continents, Nantes 2002; São Paulo Film Festival 2002; Preis für den besten Film und Erstlingswerk, International Film Festival Uruguay 2003.

TANI TATUWEN PIYABANNA (Flying with one wing)

Eine junge Frau, getarnt als Mann, arbeitet als Mechaniker in einer Werkstatt. Da passiert das Unglück, sie wird ohnmächtig, ein Kollege bringt seinen angeblichen Kollegen in die nächste Klinik, eine Abtreibungsklinik. Der Arzt bemerkt natürlich, dass sie eine Frau ist, und verspricht, das Geheimnis zu bewahren, wenn sie dafür mit ihm eine Affäre beginnt. Inzwischen unternimmt der ahnungslose Kollege schwule Annäherungsversuche in ihre Richtung. Sie wehrt beide ab und flüchtet sich erstmal nach Hause zu ihrer ahnungslosen Ehefrau. Sri Lanka 2002 Regie: Asoka Handagama 81 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT In Kooperation mit HOSI