South Korea

GRAIN IN EAR (Mang Zhong)

Cui Shunji is one of over 2 million ethnic Coreans in China. With her little son, she rents a small concrete hut in an industrial town somewhere in the north of China. Day and night, she is disturbed by the shouting and giggling of the prostitutes who work by the railway. Her husband is in jail. Without any official permit, Cui Shunji scrapes together a living by selling kimchi, the Corean national dish. Things change slightly to her advantage when she gets hold of a permit from a friendly policeman, and also has an affair with the married Kim, another Chinese Corean. China/South Corea 2005 Regie: Zhang Lu 109 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT Festivals: Cannes 05, Viennale 05, Pusan 05, Rotterdam 06; In Kooperation mit AK Tirol


After abandoning her infant in a restroom, Hye-Na sets out on a trip to find her mother. On her journey, she meets Ok-Nam, a woman who prostituted herself in order to buy her child a piano. The bus leads them into an unknown mountain, where they rescue a singer named Yoo-Jin, who in despair because of cancer, tries to kill herself. The three women head for the flower isle, where it is rumored sadness and pain are cured. On their way, they go through many unexpected events, and realize the journey itself is what heals their inner wounds. „We all have incurable inner wounds. They come from fate and we can never escape from our fate. History and the life of an individual are the parts of our fate. We are not free from our fate till the day we die, and that’s a truth. The first thing I discovered when I became a grown-up, it was the wounds of myself and people around me. It looked as if the wounds weren’t curable. That’s why I started making films. This film is about how we can find the ways to heal our wounded souls.“ Song Ilgon South Corea/F 2001 Regie: Song Ilgon 126 min, 35mm, Farbe, koreanische OmU Preis für den besten Erstlingsfilm, Venedig 2001; Großer Preis, Publikumspreis und FIPRESCI-Preis, Pusan 2001; FIPRESCI-Preis, Fribourg 2002


Soonam, a young South Korean girl, lives in a small village. She grows up in a world full of myths and legends, in which the moon is said to have mystical powers and is omnipresent in the everyday life of the people. For Soonam the moon is a palace in heaven which lost its mystic powers because of the landing on the moon. Suddenly strange things occur and for them there must be a connection to the moon landing.   South Korea 2008 Regie: Kim Jeon Han 98 min , HDCam, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT


Hyun-woo steps out of prison after a 17-year sentence for his anti-government activities. He finds out about the death of Yoon-hee, who had harboured and loved him right before he was caught 17 years ago. To cherish memories with her, Hyun-woo goes back to the place where the two had spent a few months together like a couple of honeymooners. Reading through Yoon-hee’s diaries and letters, Hyun-woo discovers that she was the only one who remained loyal to him to the end. South Corea 2006 Regie: Im Sang-Soo 112 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT Kerala Film Festival 2007