In the year 1953, only eight years after the war, a group of Austrian film-makers decided to make a co-production film with Yugoslav authorities, former enemy from the World War II. In spite of many obstructions and misunderstandings on both sides, the film-team, led by producer Carl Szokoll and director Helmut Käutner, succeeded to finish THE LAST BRIDGE and won the „Prix International“ at the Cannes Festival 1954. The surviving participants of the crew are evoking their memories about this production. read more

MEMORIES OF SREBRENICA (Srebrenicka secanja)

„Fruit trees are budding and the snow is down”, and a few days later in the town on the Drina river the worst massacre remembered on the Balkans was committed. Four women who survived and lost all male members of their families tell about the life in the once quiet town. they remember the beginnings of the war, the siege, hunger and death. While they wonder among mass graves all over Bosnia trying to recognize their loved ones by a piece of cloth, they remember the last looks and words of the ones who went to death without knowing it. read more