A scientist in a candle-lit grotto sends an assistant out into the forest to collect the DNA samples of partisan guerillas and cosmonauts he needs to complete his elixir. These stragglers from squadrons and off-course space explorers roam the swamps in a hotspot of the space-time continuum, toasting to their ideals of brotherhood and the galaxy around campfires in their lost search for infinity, while elsewhere torchlit rituals call into question the solidity of the human form. The hope of resurrection for the Russian soul drives Elixir, a film of wry humour, arresting images and an impassioned ode to grandiose idealism. read more


The movie’s protagonist is an up-and-coming young director, who wants make a documentary movie about the Afghan astronaut, who once upon a time flew to space, together with his Soviet colleagues. The heroine persuades her dream by coming to Moscow – there she meet an elderly businessman, who, despite being the complete opposite of her, changes a lot in her perspective. While trying to discover the story that many years ago, the girl starts to view the past and present of her homeland differently – as well as herself. read more

“Revolution” Museum

A revolution does not only change the social and political landscapes of a country, it also alienates the functions of things. A light bulb becomes a vessel for a Molotov cocktail, and car tyres become barricades. At the Maidan (Independence Square) in Kiev, these military remnants became installations, performances, and happenings. Most of these war artworks were moved to museums right after the revolution. But what is to be done with a place of memory? A cinematic document about the instant museumification of a revolution.   read more


Aidai is a baksy – a natural healer – who with her shamanic powers makes the lame walk and gives infertile couples children. Her clinic, set in the middle of the Kazakh steppe, is regularly frequented by the sick and worried from all over the country. When a gas station and motel are supposed to be built at that very place, Aidai disappears mysteriously. In a world that is driven by technical progress and seems to be forgetting the old tradition of the Kazakh people, Aidai fights with her dances to conserve the faith in the supernatural in her fellow people. read more


MY LAST DAY IN NIGERIA (Micah Magee, DE 2007) 8 min Ayoade hat keine Hoffnung für sein Land. Oder sollte er?

ES WAR EINMAL EINE MÖHRE (Jie Lu, DE 2009) 4 min Ein Bauer isst und wird immer wieder von einem Hasen gestört, jedes Mal wenn er sich mit seinem Essen beschäftigt.

LÉGENDE DE JEAN L’INVERSÉ (Philippe Lamensch, BE 2008) 18 min John hat einen Geburtsfehler: Seine Füße schauen nach hinten.

WESTEN (Stefan Holaus, AT 2009) 2 min Eine flache Geschichte aus dem Westen.

NOT SCARED (Kateryna Naumenko, UA 2009) 14 min Ein Geschwisterpaar verkauft in seinem Dorf Äpfel, um sich ein Motorrad leisten zu können. read more


17 year old Mamlakat dreams of being an actress. Unfortunately this is a rather difficult plan in the village in Uzbekistan where she lives. As a theatre company visits the town on tour she considers her chance to be come. Even though she misses the show she doesn’t miss one of the actors later that night. Shortly afterwards she comes to know that she is pregnant. To find out who the father of her child is she embarks on a journey across central Asia, together with her father and brother. Thereby they meet a lot of shady characters, including a marriage impostor.
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