CUM MI-AM PETRECUT SFARSITUL LUMII (Comment j’ai fêté la fin du monde/Wie ich das Ende der Welt erlebt habe)

In the communist era two classmates eventually break the bust of dictator Ceausescu in their school. Set in a Bucharest suburb in the last year of Ceausescu’s tyrannical rule, THE WAY I SPENT THE END OF THE WORLD is the story of a seven-year-old boy who saves the Roumanian people from dictatorship.

Romania 2006
Regie: Catalin Mitulescu
106 min, 35 mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
Produktion: Strada Film, Les Films Pelléas, Martin Scorsese, Wim Wenders


Katalin has been carrying around a dark secret for a long time: Her husband is not the father of her son Orban. By coincidence the secret gets unveiled and disgraces her and her husband, who kicks her and Orban out of the house as a consequence. Determined to clear her reputation, she starts a journey with her son through the breath-taking landscape of Romania and pays a visit to a few men who she had encountered in the past.

Romania 2008
Regie: Peter Strickland
84 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
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Gangster of Love

25 years ago, Nedjeljko Babic left his job as a carpenter to start his God-given career: matching lonely men and women. He became famous very quickly – thanks to his skills, but also to his nickname „Gangster“ which he got solely for always wearing sunglasses. Lately his job has become more difficult than ever – women who do not want to live in the villages any more and uneducated middleaged men. When Maya, a young and pretty Bulgarian woman, comes to Gangster looking for a new husband, it seems that it will be an easy case for him. But the fact that she is a single mother and a foreigner seems to make it a mission impossible. Nebojša Slijepčeviċ Nebojša Slijepčeviċ wurde 1973 in Zagreb geboren und schloss dort read more


16-year-old Ryna is the daughter of a poor Rumanian who runs a gas station in a small community on the Donau. Ryna has been brought up as a boy because her father had longed for a son. Zenide’s film is about strong family ties, about a daughter’s search for her mother, and about a despotic father slowly losing his grip, but also about poverty, social suppression and the abuse of power by those who rule under the guise of a false freedom. Ryna shows the awakening of a young girl’s soul and the pain that goes with it. Caught between traditional values and materialistic dreams, Ryna finally pays a high price in order to preserve her identity. read more


Sarajevo City of Film is the fund supporting the realization of short micro-budget films, created through artistic and technical cooperation between the young film authors from South-Eastern Europe. In this way the Sarajevo Film Festival wants to initiate the creation of a new network of young talented and creative authors of the region whose work represents the future of the regional cinematography.
FRIGIDANCE Kelmend Karun, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Albania 2010, 9 min SMART GIRLS Hana Jušić & Sonja Tarokić, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Croatia 2010, 24 min REVERSE Georgis Grigorakis, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Greece 2010, 19 min THE TICKET COLLECTOR Catalin Musat, Bosnia-Herzegovina/Romania 2010, 24 min read more