Roger Gnoan M’Bala


Ablakon returns home to his village, where he makes great impression on young and old: He draws out money of all of them. A cynical portrait about urban society and its influence on village community.

Côte d´Ivoire 1985
Regie: Roger Gnoan M´Bala
90 min, 16 mm, Farbe, franz. OF


17th century, West Africa: King and tyrant Adanggaman burns the neighboring village of young Ossei. Many are killed, others are taken prisoner. Searching for his missing mother, Ossei is also being captured and finds himself among the many men, women and children in chains, humiliated and beaten. Adanggaman is filled with joy at the results of his manhunt – it is evident, that his kingdom has not escaped the hands of European slave traders by accident … The scenes of Africans marching in chains and stocks, monitored by other Africans, are a shock and linger in mind for days afterward. read more


The film is an ironic parable which explores the proliferation of pseudo-Christian sects in Africa. A pig herder, despised by the whole of his village, receives an apparition in which he is informed that he has been chosen to save his people. His theology is highly original, his miracles are based on superior showmanship, and his mission is a complete success – provided its sole purpose was to put him in a position of incredible power over his peers. He is so lionized by the worshippers he has converted that, not only does he openly sleep with married women, but they put on nun’s robes and feed him publicly from their hands. read more