Peter Schreiner


A woman, a man. The island of Lampedusa, where their escape routes intersect. Zakaria, in his late twenties, from Somalia, who has risked his life coming to the island on a small boat when fleeing civil war in his country. Giulia, in her mid-fifties, a tourist from Northern Italy, on the run from deep personal crises. Both have returned to the island.

Filmpate: IFFI Förderverein
Regie: Peter Schreiner
Österreich 2015
130min, OF­eUT


Bellavista ist the name of a hotel in the remote village of Sappada, a linguistic enclave in the carnic alps of Northern Italy close to the Austrian border. Beside her work in the hotel’s kitchen, Giuliana, the hotel owner’s daughter and protagonist of the film, researches and documents the dialect ‘Plodarisch’, which she has known since her childhood. The film accompanies her on her visits to the elders and to the hidden places of her childhood.

Austria 2006
Regie: Peter Schreiner
117 min, Beta SP, schwarz-weiß, OF
Diagonale 2007
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