Peter Heller


„Saaraba” nennen sie in Westafrika das verheißene Land – Europa. Unser Filmprojekt verfolgt über fast ein Jahrzehnt Aladji und Souley, zwei Brüder von einer kleinen Fischerinsel im Atlantik vor der Küste Westafrikas. Der ältere Aladji schaffte es als Bootsflüchtling bis in die Gemüseplantagen Spaniens und blieb illegal bis heute. Der jüngere Bruder Souley träumt von Europa und macht sich auf den Weg zu seinem Bruder.

Regie: Peter Heller, Saliou Sarr & Bernardo Ruebe
Deutschland 2016
92min, OF­eUT
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Three musicians of the Bavarian tribe, well-known as „die Biermösl Blosn“, travel to South Africa with the whole kit and caboodle. They go on their musical adventure with an alp horn, a tuba, trumpets and 23 instruments more. A rhythmic ‘battle’ between the alp partisan and their black African challengers is held on street corners, in neighbourhood meetings and multi-purpose halls of the great and poor townships. With curiosity, pleasure and respect for the other people’s music enchanting performances and encounters full of touching moments and funny scenes develop. read more

Süsses Gift

After 50 years and 450 billion euros of development aid some African regions are poorer than before. Some regions are poorer after the aid than before. Using examples in Kenya, Mali and Tanzania, the film shows how development aid goes wrong. Dam projects, for instance, which foremost provide commissions for foreign companies, or food aid that encourages passivity and destroys the local economy. SÜSSES GIFT is a plea not for an end to international solidarity, but quite the opposite: Africa should at last do business itself – not just its helpers. read more