Paul Leduc


Loosely based on Alejo Carpentier‘s novel Concierto Barroco, Leduc sends a Mexican and a Cuban Creole out to measure key points of the supposedly new world‘s history. They end up to Europe, experience the performance of Vivaldi‘s opera Montezuma and realise how the conquest of America is told here. BARROCO is the playful counterhistory of the glorified conquest. Without dialogue, and only with the means of music, Leduc designs a utopia against the background of blood-soaked history: the one and true melting pot. read more


At the time of the US Invasion in Panama every night teenagers, small-time criminals and dockworkers meet in the shabby little night club Salon Panama to see the shows of the vaudeville artists and dancers. The mood in there is hilarious until a group of US soldiers storm the tavern and a dancer gets raped. The Americans insist on the ongoing of the show… DOLLAR MAMBO is a movie working completely without dialogues, the meaning is transported through dance, music and pantomime.

Mexico/Spain 1993
Regie: Paul Leduc
80min, 35mm; Farbe; Ultra-Stereo; span. OF mit dt. UT
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Frida, Naturaléza Viva

FRIDA, NATURALÉZA VIVA is a 1984 feature about the life and suffering of Frida Kahlo, portrayed authentically by Ofelia Medina. Its structure is not chronological, showing memories, fragments often accompanied by music and radio shows of that time. It makes Frida Kahlo´s world of pain, isolation and suffering perceptible.

Mexico 1986
Regie: Paul Leduc
108 min, 35mm, no dialogue

Reed, México Insurgente

In 1913 at the height of the Mexican revolution US-American journalist John Reed crosses the border in order to join general Urbina, who is a comrade of Pancho Villa. As a stranger and intellectual he is first guarded with distrust, but manages to win the revolutionaries‘ confidence and find his place by Pancho Villa‘s side.

Mexico 1973
Regie: Paul Leduc
124 min, 35mm, OmU