Patricio Guzmàn


A radically personal film dealing with memories in a society ordered to forget.

Chile/F/Cdn 1997
Regie: Patricio Guzmán
56 min, 35mm (blow up 16mm), Farbe, spanische OmenglU

EL CASO PINOCHET – Der Fall Pinochet

In 3 years of work Guzmán made a distressing documentary on the single-mindedness of Spanish jurists in their work leading to the repeal of Pinochet’s immunity and about the anonymous guardians of memory: female victims of torture as the chorus in the tragedy.

France 2001
Regie: Patricio Guzmán
110 min, 35mm, 1:1.85, DTS, Farbe, span.-engl. OmenglU

LA BATALLA DE CHILE – Der Kampf Chiles

The three parts, THE REVOLT OF THE BOURGEOUSIE, THE COUP D’ETAT, THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE reflect the deep division between the bourgeois opposition and the followers of Allende’s socialist government, shows up the international connections of the coup and shows the battle of a ‘people without arms’. We will present a new version of the voice-over commentary, slightly revised by the director in the 1990s when he replaced Cold War terminology with more neutral expressions. (Spanish with German subtitles) read more


Patricio Guzmán’s documentary homage to Chile, NOSTALGIA DE LA LUZ, has three stories to tell: about the past, the present and the future of Chile and its people. Astronomers in the Chilean desert are using advanced technical equipment to search the universe for a clue on the future of humanity. A family closeby digs up a mass grave by hand, looking for the remains of relatives they have lost during the period of Pinochet’s dictatorship. The Citizens of the capital are driven by their desire for economic prosperity. Chile ’s p ast and future are connected in their lives.
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I remember September 11, 1973, somber day on which America instigated a coup d’etat to knock down the peace-loving and democratic revolution which had been built in my faraway country Chile by eleminating ist President of the Republic, Salvador Allende, that „son-of-a-bitch“ as Nixon liked to refer to him. The urge to return to this atypical man, revolutionary and fanatic of democracy to the point of suicide, came over me for obvious historical reasons, but also for its cruel actuality. (Patricio Guzmán) read more