Nino Jacusso


Warmth and bitterness, fear and hope are the feelings evoked in this authentic film about a Kurdish family emigrating to Switzerland. In an asylum seekers’ shelter they prepare the interview on which their residency permit depends. The story has been developed with people from eight different countries, amongst them the leading characters, Düzgün Ayhan and Fidan Firat.

Switzerland 2001
Regie: Nino Jacusso
90 min, 35mm (blow up), Farbe, türkisch-kurdisch-deutsche OmU


When writer Federica De Cesco published her first bestseller at 16, she became a literary icon. 80 books later and she is firmly ensconced in the hearts of a million readers. Director Jacusso accompanies the writer on inspirational trips to Japan and Malta, casting an eye over her shoulder during the creative process, and offering a personal insight into the passionate writer’s professional development and work. In addition, female readers talk about how the writer’s courageous female protagonists have been an important role model for them and give the audience an aural regalement of De Cesco’s work in Europe’s most beautiful libraries. read more

Shana: The Wolf’s Music

A film about a young girl’s coming of age. Shana is a gifted violinist and lives with her father on an Indian reservation in Canada. It has now been two years since Shana’s mother disappeared in the woods and neither she nor her father have overcome her death. While he drowns his sorrows in alcohol, Shana spends more and more time in the forest. Now she only plays her instrument in the woods, magically attracting a white wolf, her spirit animal, and Shana’s spiritual journey begins. read more