Ning Ying

MINJING GUSHI – On the beat

Yang Guoli is a policeman in Beijing. He knows his beat well and takes his job seriously, working long hours and putting up with the tensions this creates at home. One day, after a rabid dog has bitten a drunkard, the chief decides that all the dogs in town have to be put down.

China 1995
Regie: Ning Ying
102 min, 35mm, Farbe, Mandarin OmenglU


Filmmaker Ning Ying returns to her favorite theme: the gradual decay of traditional Chinese values and culture at the dawn of the 21st century. Cab driver Desi drifts through Beijing, he sees a city that is increasingly bending to the influence of the West, with traditional pastimes and customs forced to make way for the onslaught of the free-market economy.

China 2001
Regie: Ning Ying
86 min, 35mm, 1:1.85, Farbe, Mandarin OmU