Nazim Abbasov


An old movie theatre in a remote Karakalpak town is just a reminder of a once huge cinema industry. The Aral Sea next to the theatre has dried out, the country has changed. FELLINI is about the owner of the cine-ma, nicknamed „Fellini“, whose love of films gives meaning to his life. He creates his own filmworld from pieces of old films. Usbekistan 2000 Regie: Nazim Abbasov 93 min, 35mm, Farbe, usbekisch-russische OmenglU Nazim Abbasov (1962) studierte an der VGIK in Moskau, seit 1984 Mitarbeit an zahlreichen Filmen der staatlichen Filmproduktion „Uzbekkino“.


This film is about the little girl Oydinoy, who lives in an Uzbek alpine village. Every morning Oydinoy leaves the house hoping that today she will be allowed to attend school. But she is not allowed because she is only 5. Oydinoy dances beautifully, plays the violin and makes amazing dolls. She lives in a dream world surrounded by wonderful people and animals, everything is kind and poetical. Barriers do not change her philosophy of life. The image of Oydinoy is hope and faith in this amazing and beautiful world. Usbekistan 2008 Regie: Nazim Abbasov 84 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT Special Award by the international jury: to the young actress in OYDINOY


For generations Qurol Ota´s family has been teaching pottery. Ever since going blind, his son Fakhritdin has continued the traditional family business. To him pottery is not only a job to make a living but also a philosophy in which you have to spin the pottery wheel fast and consistently. The wheel has to obey the legs and the hands produce a piece of art for eternity. He says that one creates a new world; one holds a whole world in hands. Life goes by, but tradition persists as long as there is love and therefore a descendant.   Uzbekistan 2011 Regie: Nazim Abbasov 79min, 35mm, Farbe, OmeU Austrian Premiere