Nakagawa Yosuke


Kazuya, Masaru and Syusuke have been good friends for years. This coming spring, they are all graduating from high school. Kazuya is going to university in Tokyo, and Syusuke is going to London. These three boys go for a drink the day before their departure. Kazuya has got a girlfriend called Yukiko, yet has hesitated to tell her since he has been very dependent on Yukiko both from a mental and financial point of view. Syusuke is looking for a girl and finally finds Mari in a bar. On the same night, Masaru is working alone in a Karaoke bar. There, he meets a beautiful yet very mysterious girl, Ryoko. She looks very unhappy. Meanwhile, Kazuya finally tells Yukiko about his leaving for Tokyo. Masaru somehow winds up at a love-hotel with Ryoko, where he finds out the cause of her unhappiness, and…? Does Syusuke get lucky on this night? He is left unconscious, beaten up by boys who hate him for sleeping around with many girls … “I don’t like the young people you see in films of late. They quickly lose control and take refuge in violence or don’t want to get involved in anything. I’d almost like to beg that such characters are not shown exclusively as ‘representative of the youth of today’. Many young people I meet have dreams and hopes, are proud and radiate self-confidence.“ Yosuke Nakagawa Japan 2001 Regie: Nakagawa Yosuke 80 min, 35mm, 1:1,85, Farbe, DTS-Stereo, japanische OmU Berlinale 2001 (Forum), Internationales Film Festival Quebec 2003.