Mohammed Soudani


Yaro, a young Senegalese, lands in Italy, his head full of dreams of Western opulence. He invites his younger brother Demba to join him. Together they will be able to make money to send home to the family. Two months later Yaro is murdered not far from Milan’s Central Station. Demba wants to know who killed his brother, and why. The film, following in the footsteps of Demba and friends, takes us on a journey through Italy, seen as a kind of hell that stretches, from the northern fog of Milan to the open-air tomato plantations of the South. Regie: Mohammed Soudani Schweiz 1997 63min, OF­eUT


Two young Swiss lovers have to interrupt their journey through the desert because of the breakdown of their vehicle. Social meeting place is a small office with the only pay phone in the surrounding area. Faced with this unexpected situation, the two start to get to know the people and their culture totally differently. While he aims to fix the damage of the truck as fast as possible in order to continue their journey, she quickly takes to the mysterious strange culture.   Algeria/CH 2009 Regie: Mohammed Soudani 90 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT


After 30 years abroad, Algerian-Swiss filmmaker Mohammed Soudani returns to his homeland to find it scarred by years of civil war. Accompanied by Swiss photographer Michael von Graffenried, who has documented the Algerian civil war since 1991, Soudani seeks out the photographer’s subjects to discover the human fate behind the photo. Many individuals did not even know they were being photographed at the time, and for some this is the first time they discuss harrowing memories.   CH/FR 2002 Regie: Mohammed Soudani 90 min, DCP, OmeU


„Many years ago, men and lions used to live together in peace and were allies. They protected each other. But little by little men forgot about their deal and in the end the lions did the same.” These are the words that Lionel’s dying grandfa- ther whispered to him in his village in Africa. Lionel is an 11-year-old boy who lives happily in Switzer- land with his mother and step- father. During a school trip to the zoo, Lionel is irresistibly attracted to an old lion lying in a cage. The lion starts to communicate with him and asks him to find a way to set him free in order to go back to Africa. Switzerland/Ivory Coast 2010 Regie: Mohammed Soudani 86 min, DCP, german Version

STORYTELLERS (Sud – les diseurs d’histoires)

Africa ought to live, telling stories, Africa needs to love itself today, Africa has to resist and the best weapon is ist culture, ist identity. A film is like a lourney where meetings occur. From the land of the pharaos to the countries where ebony is hidden – storytellers. Switzerland/Italy 1998 Regie: Mohammed Soudani 90 min, Video, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT Festivals: Locarno 1998, Kino Otok – Izola Cinema 05; In Anwesenheit von Mohammed Soudani


This film is a kind of journey of initiation, in which we find a world of African immigrants living with nostalgia for a world of family bonds and ancestral culture, as they experience the difficulties of integration into a foreign country, a world they consider full of contradictions and often cruel. Switzerland 1997 Regie: Mohammed Soudani 63 min, 16 mm, Farbe, ital.-franz.-wolof. OF mit engl. UT