Mohammed Shirvani


A woman remembers her husband: «You’re my diary», he told her before returning to the Iran-Iraqi war front, two months before being discharged. When she learns of his death, she tries to find a photo showing them both together. Without success, though. She then tries to put two pictures together, in which both of them pose.

Iran 2002
Regie: Mohammed Shirvani
13 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit engl. UT

KONSERVE IRANI (Iranische Konservendose)

A young woman is trapped inside an elevator and has a personal encounter with a young man whom she gets to know via her cell phone.

Iran 2003
Regie: Mohammed Shirvani
14 min, Video, s/w, OF mit engl. UT

NAHF (Nabel)

A woman and four men of different age share a flat in Tehran. The rules are changing. Navel (Nahf) follows a few days in the lives of the five roommates who seem to live in a vacuum, locked inside a never-ending nocturnal Tehran. Broken-hearted Christa has returned to Iran after living in the USA. The aging cynic Mani owns the apartment. Khosrow is a divorced father. Reza has stopped working as a cleric. And Aboozar is about to complete his military service.

Iran 2004
Regie: Mohammed Shirvani
104 min, 35 mm, Farbe & s/w, OF mit engl. UT
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