Merzak Allouache


Bab el-Oued is a turbulent, historic district of Algiers. Here the young Boualem works in a bakery. One afternoon he wants to get some rest at his home, he is startled by the voice of the cantor. Put in a sudden anger, Boualem dismantles the speaker with fierce determination and throws it into the sea. BAB-EL OUED CITY is the moving chronicle of a youth generation whose future is obscured by the economic crisis and growing intolerance: a universal image of an entire generation of today. Algeria 1994 Regie: Merzak Allouache 93 min, 35mm, OmU


Allouache did not visit his home country of Algeria ever since 1993, when he shot his film Bab el-Oued City there. When the situation in the country seemed to calm in 1999, he went there and came back with the idea for L’autre monde, a story about Algeria and about the dead who are now apparently being forgotten. A love story with a sharp look at reality, and a tribute to the women of Algeria. Yasmine, a Française of Algerian parentage, works in Paris in a lawyer’s office and is about to marry her boyfriend Rachid, a successful computer programmer. Then, without any reason, Rachid suddenly disappears. Yasmine gets one more message from him, in which he tells her that he has left for Algeria and has joined the army there. Yasmine decides to go looking for Rachid in Algeria, a country she barely knows, whose language she doesn’t speak, and which is torn apart by civil war. There is not much to be seen of this in the capital, but when Yasmine travels to the countryside, to the barracks where Rachid is stationed, she finds herself in a different world. From an officer, she hears that Rachid is missing after a terrorist attack and that he is probably dead. Yet she carries on looking, deeper and deeper into dangerous territory. France/DZ 2001 Regie: Merzak Allouache


Omar is a young and lively Algerian who holds a good job and lives in a crowded apartment with his sisters, his mother and grandparents. He loves to listen to Arabic and Indian music, to party with his friends, and to dream about women. A friend of his gives him a tape; when he listens to it, he is fascinated by the woman’s voice. That same friend arranges for him to meet the woman, who is totally different from what he had imagined on hearing her voice. Algeria 1976 Regie: Merzak Allouache 90 min, 35mm, OmeU