Marie Miyayama

Der rote Punkt

“What is important to me personally, is to depict the cultural difference. The Japanese girl meets people whose lifestyle is completely different … The thread running through THE RED SPOT is silence … The Weber family have forgotten to talk to each other … Aki lands on them like a typhoon out of the blue. It is her stoic and relaxed nature that finally has the father revealing the secret that is burdening him.” (Marie Miyayama) Germany 2008 Regie: Marie Miyayama 82 min, 35mm, Farbe, OF mit dt./engl. UT Förderpreis Deutscher Film Hof 2008 Dienstag 9. Juni 19.00 Uhr LEOKINO 1 Mittwoch 10. Juni 15.00 Uhr LEOKINO 2