Mani Ratnam


Amudha grew up in Tamil Nadu in India. She feels at ease and protected in her family. When she is nine years old she suddenly learns that she is an adopted child. She would prefer not to know anything about it, but is now determined to find out about her biological parents who, as members of the Tamil Tigers, disappeared during the turmoil of civil war in Sri Lanka. At first, Amudha’s adoptive parents try to dissuade her, but finally they agree to accompany her on this painful journey… Mani Ratnam is one of the few Indian film directors who have tried to enhance commercial musical cinema with politically and socially controversial topics. Whereas in previous films he portrayed the striving for independence in North India and especially the conflict between the Hindu and Muslim populations, in this film he devotes himself to his South Indian homeland. Two of his trademarks, i.e. to maximise the emotional intensity as well as the constant effort to achieve perfect photography form the background of the bloody struggle between the Tamil and Singhalese culture in Sri Lanka. India/LK 2002 Regie: Mani Ratnam 136 min, 35mm, Farbe, Tamile-Sinhala OmU 22nd Cinema Express Ceremony für die besten südindischen Filme: 6 Awards.