Siska Deluxe is a story about three male childhood friends who are not quite so young anymore but cannot seem to grow up completely. They are full of business ideas but since neither of them ever commits seriously, all of their plans ultimately fall through. When the aunt of one of them dies, she leaves him a small commercial property and the three friends immediately decide to open a pizzeria. In the beginning, it seems as if this is another project doomed to fail. However, just in the nick of time, an unusual woman named Jana comes along and offers to help. There is another curious character, Sale, who seems to be the friends’ arch enemy, but is ultimately transformed to their closest and most trusted friend. With the close weaving of the comical with the dramatic, the light-hearted story never questions the possibility of a happy ending. Regie: Jan Cvitkovič Slowenien/Tschechien/Mazedonien/Italien 2015 108min, OF­eUT


The Rahmani family fled from Macedonia to Switzerland during the Kosovo war in 1999. After years of living in their new country, they suddenly have to face a deportation order to leave. Out of desperation, the family father and former music teacher Rasim tries to organize an Albanian dancing club in order to collect supportive signatures… By repeatedly changing time levels, the film shows how the loving teacher and father turns into a scared, desperate and deracinated refugee in Switzerland.     Switzerland/Macedonia 2010 Regie: Mitko Panov 106 min, DCP, OmeU

Powder Keg – Bure Baruta

Book-ended by a cabaret-style master of ceremonies, the film is a stark illustration of the hell-hole that Yugoslavia has become as it follows assorted characters (some of whose paths eventually cross) during a freezing winter’s night in Belgrade. A young man who accidentally crashes into another car is assaulted at home by thugs; a policeman, whose body has been badly broken, faces the man who beat him up; a desperate bruiser murders his best friend with a bottle before killing himself and a troubled girl with a grenade and, as with most other scenes, there is a lot of pointless, uncontrolled violence. JUG, MAZ, F, GR, TRK 1998 Regie: Goran Paskaljević 100 min, Colour, 35mm, Original with German subtitles FIPRESCI Award – Venice IFF 1998 FIPRESCI Award – European Film Academy 1998 Grand Prix (Golden Anchor) – Haifa IFF 1998 Grand Prix (Golden Orange) IFF 1998 Bronze Camera 300 (Milan Spasić) – ICFF Manaki Brothers 1998 Film of the Year in Yugoslavia Voted