Luis Ortega


Dorotea, a beautiful, young 17-year-old woman, lives with Eugenia, her grandmother who is 100 and has her moments of madness. Every morning Dorotea washes her and combs her hair before going to work in a laundry. As for Eduardo, he is a weak man who has just left prison and now lives at the Salvation Army. Above all he is Dorotea’s father. Three generations, three lives at a crossroads with a desperate desire to be together. In Caja Negra, an original and sensitive first film, Luis Ortega brings to the screen three distressed and fragile characters. We don’t know what happened before the story. Only the present and the bare feelings of the human beings are divulged: «Caja Negra speaks of the difficulty of being with other individuals, the fear of being alone; the desperate need we all have to break away one day from the alienation that separates us from the world and from others. The film speaks of a soul enclosed in its black box, a coffin for the living. I wanted to show the constant explosions of beauty that this existence produces, by opening the black boxes and reuniting the solitary souls.» Luis Ortega Argentina 2002 Regie: Luis Ortega 83 min, 35mm, Farbe, Dolby Digital, OF mit engl. UT Internationales Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg 2002; Havanna Film Festival 2002; Spezialpreis der Jury, Festival Fribourg 2003