Lu Chuan


A small-town policeman, Ma Shan, wakes up one morning to discover that his gun is missing. In China, an officer who loses his gun can be sent in prison for up to three years. Believing he must have lost it at a wedding he attended the previous evening, he begins to track down the people he sat close to at the wedding. But he fears the gun’s absence is not accidental – and that whoever has its plans to use it. First on the list is Zhou Xiaogang, the richest man in the town as a result of some shady business, and also the brother of a soldier who died while fighting alongside Ma Shan in China’s war in Vietnam in 1979. On his way to Zhou’s house, Ma Shan begins to discover that things are suddenly not all they seemed to be in his town… „On the surface, the film is about the anxiety of a Chinese middle aged man as he faces the system, his family, his individuality and the liberation he achieves using his life to obtain spiritual freedom. At its core, the film also records my journey – the dream of a young man whose universe is movies. His anxiety and anxiousness as he walks through layers and layers of ice to fulfill this dream of filmmaking. Thus, for me, all is a rite of passage.“ Lu Chuan China 2001 Regie: Lu Chuan 90 min, 35mm,1:2,35, Farbe, Dolby SR-D, Mandarin OmenglU Venedig 2002