Linton Semage


Sri Lankan, and a pickpocket by trade, Kamal is constantly told off by his wife, who would like to see him do something else, especially since there is soon to be an addition to the family. Although he es always trying, Kamal cannot manage to find a proper job. His wife, who has had no contact with her family since their marriage and migration to town, wants to return to her parents for the birth. But their existence is shaken to its foundations when Kamal finds a photo of his wife in the wallet he has just stolen. He does not mention this fateful discovery, but starts observing her every deed and gesture, perpetually seeking conclusive proof of her infidelity. At the same time, driven by an almost pathological jealousy, he throws himself into a hunt for the owner of the wallet. What he discovers only sets the stage for a veritable tragedy. Linton Semage, writer, director and lead actor, explores the inmost depths of the human soul and portrays a social group battered by the vicissitudes of the free market economy – the poor, young country people who are attracted to urban centres by overseas investment in the garment industry. read more